Black Friday BEST DEALS – The Know

It’s not even Thanksgiving Day and I’ve already murdered five people. Can’t you cash this stuff in at Wal-Mart for a gift card or something? I’ve tried my hardest to be a real American this year, so American Santa better give me some cheap electronics.

PlayStation 4 Holiday Pricing:
PS4 Battlefront:
PS4 Madden 16:
PS4 Bloodborne:
PS4 The Order: 1886:

Xbox One Bundle Sales:
Xbox One Digital Game Sales:

GeForce GTX 960:
GeForce GTX 750 Ti:
Intel Core i7-4790K:

Steam Winter Sale Leak:
Reddit Comment / Japanese Image:

Written By: Lawrence Sonntag
Hosted By: Adam Kovic, Bruce Greene, and Lawrence Sonntag

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